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SEE MORE with our ADAS sensor technology.

At Magna, our leading ADAS sensor technology lets us SEE MORE. Seeing more allows us to solve the industry’s biggest ADAS challenges through full system expertise and rich data from the industry’s first sold state LiDAR, first digital radar and first single-box EyeQ5 based camera. By resolving the industry’s biggest ADAS challenges we empower our customers to advance mobility to the next level.

Featuring ICON™ Digital Radar

A magna car with a text ICON Digital Radar

Advanced Driving Assistance Technologies

Developing the Autonomy of the Future

At Magna, we develop technologies that enable future Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, features for future autonomous driving and new mobility solutions.

Surround View

Magna's camera signals are processed and stitched into one single picture to show the vehicle from a bird's-eye view. By providing drivers with a seamless 360° view of the vehicle and surrounding environment, vehicle safety and driver/passenger security are enhanced.

Cross Traffic View

At certain intersections, the driver cannot evaluate the traffic situation until very late. With Cross Traffic View the driver sees an early overview of the situation displayed from front, left and right views, and can react accordingly. The feature supports the driver in the early detection of children, pedestrians, cyclists, vehicles and surrounding objects while in garages, narrow streets, tight junctions and other difficult driving situations.

Lighting Automation

Magna’s camera, lighting and vision solutions for lighting automation adapt the vehicle‘s illumination in dark and low light conditions as features such as Automatic High Beam, Intelligent Light Ranging, Glare Free High Beam or Spot Lighting.

Automated Parking / Personal Park Assist / Autonomous Valet

Magna combines camera systems with ultrasonic and radar technologies to provide active guidance in parking. This feature can detect open parking spots to perform parallel or perpendicular parking maneuvers and will park the car automatically without input from the driver.

Automated Highway Driving

Magna's Automated Highway Driving systems can determine path planning while also allowing for the negotiation of transitions from one stretch of roadway to another. Features include Traffic Jam Assist, Highway Assist, Highway Pilot, and Automated Emergency Braking are intended to help the driver monitor, evaluate, and drive safer in high speed scenarios.

Dirty Lens Detection

Dirty Lens Detection

Magna provides the detection of camera / image conditions providing the optimal operation of drivers and their vehicles. The Dirty Lens Detection feature will detect the level of contamination and identify the affected image region. Detection of solid lens blockage (dirt, mud), transparent lens blockage (salt film, condensation) and more.

Automated Emergency Braking

AEB alerts drivers to collisions with vehicles in their path. If the driver does not react to the alerts, the vehicle automatically brakes to mitigate or avoid a collision.

Rear AEB ultrasonic based object detection fused with camera will automatically apply brakes during backup maneuvers in case of an emergency and imminent collision.

Rear Seat Driver Monitoring

Rear Seat Monitoring

Magna’s Rear Seat Monitoring displays a view of the second and third row passengers in light or dark conditions with a high definition camera. Provides zoom feature. Driver distractions are limited.

Enabling Technologies

Pedestrian and Object Detection

Object detection and classification are key attributes for achieving self-driving capabilities. The system detects and classifies pedestrians, vehicles, bicycles, and stationary objects regardless of motion. Feature allows collision/ danger warning via the use of audible/visual and haptic cues.

Lane Detection / Lane Keep Assist / Lane Centering

Magna’s solutions for lane detection, lane keep assist and lane centering are optimized for every kind of lane marking, thus providing a reliable performance in every market and every corner of the world. Magna’s ADAS features either signal a warning to the driver prior to lane departure or automatically intervene with the car’s controls to deter the driver from moving out of their lane.

Traffic Sign Recognition

Magna's solutions for Traffic Sign Recognition are equipped with intelligent software that automatically recognizes defined traffic signs including LED dynamic signs. This provides the driver with a continuous reference for the current driving restrictions.

Electronic Trailer Angel Technology Attribute

Trailer Angle Detection

The Trailer Angle Detection utilizes Magna's rear view camera to measure the angle between a tow vehicle and a trailer. Magna's image processing algorithm detects and calculates the trailer angle.

Scalable Products

Future Ready with Magna’s Scalable Solutions

Autonomous driving requires intelligent and connected mobile solutions. Magna offers intelligent solutions designed for an autonomous future.