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Metal Forming Solutions

Magna is an expert in the engineering, development, and manufacturing of electrified powertrain sub-modules and lightweight sub-systems to support our customers’ hybrid and electric vehicle applications.

eClutch Products

Enabling new levels of efficiency and control

Magna’s advanced electromagnetic eClutch technologies control power flow in HEV and BEV applications and enable transmission hybridization, all without relying on hydraulic circuits, generating new levels of powertrain efficiency and flexibility.

High Precision Metal Forming & Cutting Products

Millions of precision, defect-free parts

Magna’s high precision metal forming & cutting products are manufactured using the most advanced metal forming processes available allowing us to meet the precision requirements of our customer. 

Lightweight Products

Leading the way towards a lighter future

Magna’s innovative metal-forming capabilities and advanced materials expertise allow us to produce parts from alternate materials that are lighter and stronger, increasing driveline efficiency compared to their steel counterparts.

Engine Drive Plates & Accessories

Start your engines

Magna is the world market leader in the production of one- and two-piece flexplates. Backed by full engineering and development capabilities and a global footprint, we have a solution for any application.


Better Fuel Efficiency with Fast Disconnect

Defining Magna’s Metal Forming Solutions team is a challenge, because the whole is substantially greater than the sum of its parts. Decades of experience and engineering knowledge, plus a vast array of metal shaping processes are at your disposal, awaiting your next challenge.

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